In this section, we will outline some of the services offered by DGCV:


We develop communication elements, actions and strategies, both internal and external making use of all the means to support technically and creatively in order to support the departments of Marketing and Management of companies and corporations.

objective / outcome:
To project the image of a company efficiently.


We know the timings of mechanisms and institutions and we bring about our expertise to develop any kind of specific communication elements, based on excellence and achievement of objectives.

objective / outcome:
Reply with efficiency and quality to the communication needs of public and private institutions.

03. Brand Management

The consistency of a brand is one of the most important assets for a company.

We manage more enduring strategic concepts rather than their own communication campaigns, so the image of a company is recorded and placed in the minds of consumers.

04. Branding

Provide a consistent and attractive identity for a company or product.

We define and create brands, develop names, logos, style manuals and all the different media applications that these markings need to be screened publicly.

05. Packaging

Impact, efficiency and engineering in the service of brands.

We know the techniques and mechanisms to present the products to be attractive to consumers because they fulfill the requirements of convenience, efficiency and cost required by the brands.


We create and develop all kinds of items on paper communication based on the concept, design and creativity in order to convey attractive and effective clear messages.

  • Prestigious catalogs
  • Company reports
  • Direct marketing pieces
  • Advertising campaigns in newspapers and magazines
  • Product Catalogs
  • Brochure and business flyers
  • Company internal newsletters
  • External publications


2.0 Communication allows direct and active participation in the open and collaborative process as well as a collaborative construction of the identity of a company.

We manage your company's image on the Internet and online social networking marketing techniques which are applied to the management of communities (community manager).


We develop and produce audiovisual pieces, managing the entire production process (script, filming, post production, media planning) in addition to actions and strategies of both internal and external communications companies.

  • Corporate Videos
  • Product launches
  • Publicity spots
  • Visual charts


We have the tools and experience to create spaces and custom events that allow businesses to publicly present and reinforce its brand and its products, through acts of public relations, internal and external presentations and product names, or designing and action stands for trade fairs and congresses.

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